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Lets see it's been...dear God 3 fucking years since I last made a journal entry. I mean I've always got on DA but never bother to update my status. Shows how responsible I am ^^;.

Anyway I scrapped my previous story because I made it because it was my first and...well, I hated it. HOWEVER, I've started a new one and it's still a sonic/MLP cross-over but done a little...differently so if you like my work check that out...though it ain't technically my'll know when you read it. Have Fun.
Deep within the heart of Equestria, rest on the horizon of the Unicorn Mountains and the Foal Range laid the kingdom of Canterlot. A land ruled by the wise and most fairness of Lords the Mighty Lord Solaris and his younger brother, Prince Artemis which had peace and progress throughout the lands. Constructed directly into a mountain side, the great city was firmly planted with its majestic structures lording over the land for the entire world to see. Greatest of all stood the white castle where the brothers resided and spent most of their days looking over their subjects.

It was an evening like no other just as the young prince had brought forth the night, a messenger bearing the symbols of a courier from the faraway lands demanded an audience with the lord. From at first glance she was denied entry until she was recognized as none-other then a griffon harbinger the ropes of a royal courier. After she had proved to the lords guards that it was at up most importance that the message be delivered, the ailcorn lord was awakened.

"I trust that I was not awoken for just anything" He stated with an authority tone. The ailcorn lord sat on his throne with his blazing orange mane flowing behind him and his mighty beard hiding any facial expressions as he look down on the griffon.

"Your lordship this message comes from none other then Empress Blackfeather who gave specific instructions that this warning is for your eyes and your eyes only" She respond with a voice of a ghost.

Solaris almost flinched when she dropped the name 'Blackfeather' as he had not heard that name in a long time."Very well" He said as he began to read the scroll.

As he began to read his posture began to digress and a worried look struck across his his."This...this is most troubling. Why would empress Blackfeather call the aid of Equestria. Long has she kept her armies in protection from those that wish us dead or enslaved. It's just by her authority alone that none dared even attempt in attacking , and if I'm not mistaking her rule has gone even beyond my brother and I" He questioned

"You're right to assume this" The griffin began "But take head, the enemy that threatens our lands is worst then any this world has ever seen and if we do not join together then all races may be endangered"

The lord looked up into the bright moon. "Courier, tell empress BlackFeather that I will ponder this new threat however I will not send my ponies to be slaughter."

The courier bowed and was gone in a instant.


"Come on Butters, This is a once and a life time chance and I'm not going to miss it because you want to stop and smell the roses" Rainbow Blitz yelled back to his friend.

The two Pegasi were making their way past through all the clouds and into the the great city in the sky ,Cloudsdale. With each beat of their feathers they got high into the city with Rainbow Blitz constantly waiting so his can catch up.Even though Butterscotch was not as strong as a flier as Blitz, he still manged to keep least he tried to keep up.

"Oh boy I'm really sorry for keeping you" He said with his tone dropping. "I really don't want to be a burden, Oh, no there certainly are a lot of ponies coming." Butterscotch pointed out as a lot of Pegasi rushed past him

"Well no duh, This is the first time the Wonderbolts have ever had open tryouts and I will not be missing this. I'm going to completely wreck the competition and finally earn my right to be apart of the greatest fliers ever". He replied with a hint of pride.

As they finally arrive at the proving grounds to resistor Rainbow Blitz for the competition they took in the scene unfolding before them. Wonderbolt stands were set up to sell merchandise, there w were pagasi everywhere training by doing loop-the-loops, corkscrews and other aerodynamics.The more they train the more cocky he got.

"Hehe this'll be a snap. I'm faster then anypony here, I mean look at these guys" He explained as he pointed out the many flaws in his fellow pegsia "See that Brown one? Sloppy, the mare with the bow? she couldn't even complete a full loop." Rainbow looked back at Butterscotch "I got this in the bag, DOUBLE BROHOOF!" He said as he lifted both his forelegs in the air,but Butterscotch just tap him with a very shyly hoof bump ."Dude, He got to work on that"

"Sorry" Butters replied with his head lowered.

"Just get close to the action as you can, I really need my best friend cheering me on during the competition" Rainbow admitted with his hoof on Butters shoulder.

"Of course" Butterscotch replied as he headed up to the stands that were now packed with all kinds of Pegasi.

After Butterscotch had located the perfect seat the announcements shortly began."Ladies and gentlecolts!" the voice boomed loud enough to fill up the entire air space, "We would like to welcome you to watch our best and bravest put their mettle and wings to the test, in hopes of earning a spot on your very own Wonderbolts!… And here they come now! The lighting on a clear day, the one, the only, the WONDERBOLTS!" Just as the announcer finished, the sky was filled with applause and hoof stomping as every head turned upwards to watch the Equestria's best descend from up high. With a mighty roar, the Wonderbolts soared into view, thick black trails of smoke issuing from behind them as they flew in tight, controlled formation. "Oooh's" and "aaah's" were heard from everypony as fancy air techniques were performed in complete unison before erupting in a deafening cheer when they finally landed and took their place at the speaker's podium.

Once the crowd calmed down the Captain of the Wonderbolts, the Pony known as Hellfire, step up on the podium. His burning bright mane could ignite the air around him if not for his sideburns and goatee adding to the impression that you do not want to get on his bad side."I would like to thank you all that has came out today to compete in the trails to becoming one of the greatest flies ever assembled in the history of Equestria. When you compete in the trails ahead you will be examine and judged based on your entire performance. Your speed, your agility, your reflexes, and most importantly, how well you can operate with fellow fliers to get the job done will be strait to the point of exhaustion. To be a Wonderbolt is not a title alone, when you become a Wonderbolt you become the best, and being the best means you got to be fearless, Strong, and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure success. If any one is not willing to complete this requirements, leave now."However not a single Pegasus moved. "Alrighty then, LETS GET THE TRAILS UNDERWAY!" There was a loud cheering emitting from the crowd, and with that he exited the stage and began to head over to his fellow Wonderbolts.

First up was a race. A simple ten laps around the track to determine who was the fastest, but Rainbow Blitz was the last group to get on the track as the whole field could not hold everypony there. "Come on already" He muttered to himself "Hurry up so I can waste all of you." As the last group before him to cross the finish line, he stepped up to the starting line and began to flex his wings as he took in his competition "heh, This'll be easy" He said to himself.As the checker flag flew to start the race he "blitzed" off the starting line quickly passing the other ponies beside him. Racing was in his blood ,it's what he lived for and being the fastest means he could outrace anyone.He was down to already three laps as most other others were just finishing their 2nd.He causally lapped past the other races he came across. The crowd roaring his name as he had finished another lap...then another...and another, there was no stopping this flier as he narrowed his eyes on the path ahead. Going though the final lap he heard his own heartbeat pounding to the beat of his wings as he sprinted to the finish line completely blowing the other races out of the park.

Hellfire walked up to him on the finish line holding a stopwatch in his hoof "*Whistle* pretty slick flying out there kid, you easily beat Fleetways' record with speed like that."

"Oh that?" Rainbow said while trying to straighten his posture up and also hiding the fact that he needed a breather "I do laps like that in my sleep, I'll be flying circles around everypony here."

Hellfire smirked with a hint of praise in his eye. "Well, keep that up and you'll find yourself wearing a Wonderbolt uni-"

"WHOA! I've never seen flying like that, I mean ,like, we could really use a Stallion like you on the team" Another voice barged in cutting Hellfire short. The interruption came by way of a white mare with a Navy blue mane.

It was Sora, Rainbow Bitz knew of her as a Legendary flier and had met her a couple time during the gala and the Royal wending when he ever got a dance with her.However this was the first time she had seen him in action.He blushed at her comment "Oh...uh...It was nothing just...uh...another day in the air. You should see me in my prime, would've left every single one of them in the dust" He said with his chested pumped. He had always been interested in her the way a colt saw the the new girl in school and this was their first meet-up, by ever selling yourself with no limits. All the training he does on a daily biases usually grabs the attention of a lot of wondering mares who would gawk at him with and he would simply put on the tough guy act just to show off even more then he already did, but she was different. Ever sense they danced at the gala he had always been interested in her.

"Sora," Hellfire blurted out with a sound of aggravation. "Aren't you suppose to judge the agility test with Fleetway?"

"OH horse apples, Back to work, seeya around Blitz" She said as she flew off leaving both of them staring at her general direction. 

"You'll have to forgive her" Hellfire stated still looking outwards "I try to keep her inline but every Stud that shows off she just has talk about how great they are."

"Oh ,phsss, I didn't even noticed" Rainbow lied quickly to avoid any problems but still kept his smirk.

"Hm that so eh? Well good luck today Kid" Hellfire said as he spread his wings and took off in the same direction as Sora

The rest of the competition didn't go as bad as it could have. Although Rainbow failed to get first in the reflex test, he did, however, manage to get 2nd coming short to someone named Nebula Shine. Because he didn't move as fast as her, she was able to to dodge and avoid most of the obstacles in her path, though the majority of the problem came from Rainbow just wanting to be the first one to cross the line and this wasn't a test of speed.

When the agility test came up he failed flat when he missed two rings in order to finish first out of all the others. If he hadn't been so focus on being fast he might've gotten first but he was stuck with fourth. Cursing every brain cell in his head to get his act together.

After hours of the Wonderbot trails the final event had arrived.With his victory across the competition he scored more then enough points to qualify.A great majority of competitors were handed consolation prizes and told to join the stands and that ,will a little more training and dedication, they might be able to get in next time. They had narrowed it down to the top 25. Now, it was down to Rainbow Blitz and 24 other ponies. No problem...
A Dawn Renewed Chapter 1
Alrighty so if you read this you're probly wondering "Dafuq did I just read?" Well I'll tell you.

This right here is a spinnoff of one of the greatest cross-overs ever made by noneother then the talented :icongunflame345:. See Gunflame made a cross-over story called "A New Dawn" and I LOVED it. Loved it so much I thought"Holy crap when if this took place in the 63rd universe." When I messaged him with this, he took an interest in my idea so he gave me the go ahead and wanted to see what would happen. So one thing led to another and he it is.

The original: A New Dawn Chapter 1



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Lets see it's been...dear God 3 fucking years since I last made a journal entry. I mean I've always got on DA but never bother to update my status. Shows how responsible I am ^^;.

Anyway I scrapped my previous story because I made it because it was my first and...well, I hated it. HOWEVER, I've started a new one and it's still a sonic/MLP cross-over but done a little...differently so if you like my work check that out...though it ain't technically my'll know when you read it. Have Fun.

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