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The following morning awoke a fox that had fallen asleep on his monitor with drool hanging out of his mouth. He had been up all night trying to find Rainbow Dash but with little success. There have been no reports on her and for all he knows Sonic was still in the hospital.

Upstairs, the phone started to ring. After a few rings later the tired fox woke up and flew upstairs to answer it."Hello?" Tails said with a weak tone.

"Yes, hello this is Dr. Richard calling that Sonic has gone missing" The voice replied

"Missing? What happen?"

"Well one of my Nurses was bringing him some lunch when she discovered that he just disappeared."

The response silenced Tails for a moment. Then he replied "Was the window down?"


Tail started to smile "Thank you Dr. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for him"

"You're welcome and we will call you in case he returns"

Tails hung up the phone and started making something to eat. This news didn't surprise him, in fact, he sort of expected it. He knew Sonic wouldn't be willing to sit around if he wasn't severally hurt and being shocked by lightning wasn't anything compared to what he does on a daily basis, but, none the less, he was still worried about his friend though.

He got his breakfast and sat at the table brain-storming of ideas on a new invention or upgrades to the X-Tornado. Shortly after he finished someone knocked on his door."Just a minute" he replied. He was finishing up the Dishes

"Hurry up Tails I have to use the bathroom" the voice behind the door demanded

Tails rushed to the door to have a blue blur rush past him into his restroom

"Haha Sonic you're ok" Tails said exclaimed

"Yeah I'm fine…except for the fact of that chilidog I shoved down my throat. How are you?"

"Sleepy I've been up all night trying to find that horse that knocked you out-cold"

Sonic walked out of the bathroom."She got a cheap on me" Sonic replied. His eyes turn away and with a deeper and quieter voice said "She won't get so lucky next time."

That type of response made tails a little worried but ignored it.

About a couple of minutes later Tails told Sonic that Knuckles stopped by and dropped off a necklace. "Do you still have it?" Sonic asked

"Yeah I have downstairs hanging up; He said he found it on the ground right after he left. I think he was trying to find the mare that attacked you."

The news shocked Sonic "Why would that knuckle-head go after the horse? Hmmm"

"You ok Sonic?" Tails asked worriedly

"Just thinking on how we can find her."

"Well I've been monitoring the internet; going through camera after camera trying to spot readings of her but I haven't had much luck." Tails gave Sonic a guilty look.

"Hey don't sweat it pal,I sure you did your best" Sonic gave him a thumps up

Tails stared at him with his spirits' lifted "Thanks Sonic, but how will we find her?"

"I may have an idea. We need to find someone who has connections, like if they want someone found, they'll find them."

They both started to think for a while in silenced on this idea

Tails finally broke the silenced with "Someone like Shadow?"

"That was my first guess but how will we find him, and a bigger question is: How do we get him to help us?"

"Right, What about Rouge?"

"Well...I don't know…She might be on a mission or searching for treasure, and she will probably charge us a chaos emerald or some other thing we might regret"

"Ok, how about Team Chaotix? I'm sure they don't charge that high and there're a detective agency after all"

"Good idea Tails, they have tracked people down before without no trouble. We might not even have to pay them because Vector owes me a favor"

"Great should I give them a call?"

"Wait let me do that, after all, it is Vector who owes me a favor"

"Ok sooo,do you want me to try and find Rouge? It's good to have a back-up plan"

"Sure, why not"

Sonic picked up his phone and dialed the numbers to Vectors' phone. On the other side a DJ like voiced answered.

"You've reached the most awesome team in the world, Team Chaotix, how can we help you in any shape, form or fashion."

"Hey Vector how yah doing?" Sonic asked the croc.

"Well if it isn't Sonic the Hedgehog, How yeah doing?"

"Doing good, you?"

"Doing good? Well I don't remember getting shocked nearly to death as a good feeling Sonic."

Sonic was a little embarrassed

"You heard?" Sonic said a little embarrassed

"It's all over the news.  Some flying horse comes out of nowhere and lights you up like a Christmas tree. Stuff like that tend to get around."

"Yeeeeaaaah anyway, I wanted to talk to you about her can yo-"

"HER?! Haha You got your butt shocked by a girl?"

He over-heard laughter over the phone.

"Right well could you track her for me? We uhhh can-of lost her"

There was silence ove the phone but He heard Vector whispering to his teammates over the phone; they were excited that they were getting a job.They must not get jobs that often

"Sure we can Sonic but it'll cost you"

"Really now? Even if I ran on the other side of the world to get that new CD? What was it called? Jus-"

"OK OK I GET IT, No need to go into detail."

Sonic chuckled

"Look we'll find her…it… for you"

"Thanks Vector I can always count on you"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever"

He hung up the phone

He walked into the other room where Tails was finishing up his conversation with G.U.N..

"Any luck?" Sonic asked

"G.U.N was only allowed to give me one detail."

"And?" Sonic ask leading in

"It turns out they were looking for her too and Rouge was tasked with that mission. She reported in last night where the pegasus was." Tails stared at Sonic with a scared look on his face

Sonic ask worried about the answer he was going to get "Where?"

"She's with Eggman"

Those were the exact words he feared.

"Eggman…of all the places, she had to be with Eggman"

Sonic sat down and stared at the ground with his hands together.

"You ok Sonic?" Tails asked

"Yeah, just a little annoyed"

"Ok well I'm going to call Amy and tell her you're alright. She's probably worried"


Sonic crossed his arms and began into a deep think

Couple hours later

Angel island

*Sniff* "Ahhhhh fresh air…How free, soooo slim, How…disgusting" Dr. Eggman noted

"You don't get out much do you?" Rainbow dash said hovering next to him

"Let's just say I prefer being indoors or inside one of my robots"

"Riiight so what are we doing here again?"

"Like i said,we are here to recover the Master Emerald my dear"

"Got it, so what's a Master Emerald?"

"Not A Master Emerald, THE Master Emerald. A gaint Emerald with untold power seal inside and we're here to recover it"

"Wow, why does it have so much power"

"Rainbow…It would take an entire month to explain to you why that very question doesn't make sense"

"Yikes so it's just a big rock with lots of power in it"

"In a way, yes"

Eggman and Rainbow dash flew up to the pillar that had a green glow emitting from it. There sat the Master Emerald. Eggman pressed a button that lowered his Claw from the Eggmobile to grab it. while Rainbow Dash had her jaw hanging down.

"Tha-That's the Master Emerald?! Rarity would freak if she saw that"

The claw wrapped around the Master Emerald pulling it from place. As Eggman extracted the Master Emerald the island began to descend from the sky.


"Yes, now you see why I needed it. Sonic was using this island as a back place encase he was ever defeated and he would use this power to make a counter-attack. I already showed you what's inside the Master Emerald."

Before Eggman and Rainbow Dash left the base to Angel Island, he showed her clips from the time the city was flooded and Perfect Chaos was Rampaging, but unknown to Rainbow, Eggman edited it so that when he fired is Egg-cannon from his second warship, Perfect Chaos was destroyed and he was the one who saved the day, but Sonic took the credit .She still didn't understand how that worked but she didn't care either.

"All right lets tag and bag this baby and head home" Rainbow Dash said

As they left Angel Island they were being watched by  A Croc with binoculars

"Whooaaa that island is falling...coooool" Charmy said

"Indeed, what do you make of it Vector" Espio asked

"Well I see a Fat guy in a hover-craft with a giant Emerald at the button and a Rainbow-mane horse flying beside him" Vector said lowering his binoculars

"I see…shall I pursue them" The ninja asked

"Shadow them Espio and see where they go. Report back to me when they reach their base"

"Roger" Espio acknowledges and disappears after them.

"What about me Vector? What can I do boss?" Charmy said eagerly

"You monitor the radio, Report to me when Espio finds them"

"Okey-dokey, wait what're you going to do?"

"Me? I'm going to find out why a certain "Echidna didn't defend the Master Emerald like he was supposed to"
There's another Reference in here and the first person to guess it gets their SMALL idea in the story

Preview by the great :iconniban-destikim:
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I'm going to quit this game and upload this to fanfiction and the next story will be aviable before nights end
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I'm guessing you're enjoying my story seeing how you're doing this
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