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December 30, 2012
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Back at Eggmans' base a few hours later

"You know one of my friends use to have a Gem this big…or so she thought"

Both Eggman and Rainbow Dash were in a containment area where the master emerald stood in the middle, fully secured.

"Really, Rainbow?"

"Well…she sort of did and sort of didn't, it was all a trick" she said drifting her eyes away from the Doctor

"I see, well, shall we head back up to the control room and discuss our next move?"

"Lead the way"

The Dr. and the pony both headed back to the control room where The Dr. was thinking of a plan with Rainbow looking out of the window watching the clouds from afar move closer

At the bottom of the mountain a ninja uncloaked and held his finger up to his ear

"Hey Vector you there?"


Charmys' scream made the chameleons' ear ring.

"Quit down Charmy, where's Vector?"

"Oh the boss went to go check on Knuckles and he told me to man the radio…So what'd find?"

Espio stood there for a moment without uttering a word.

"You there Espio?"

"Yeah I'm here. I'm calling in to report that I have found Eggmans' base"

"Cool where it is?"

"It's built on the side of a mountain; heavily defend though…I'll give a full report when I head back"

"Wait up Espio" Vector cut in


"I couldn't find Knuckles anywhere near the island. It's highly likely that he's held captive by Eggman. I need you to sneak inside Eggmans' base and confirm it"

Espio glared at Eggmans' enormous fortress

"Roger that"

Espio activated his cloak and started climbing. He found a hole next to the mountain and snuck in thinking it was a garbage disposal. Once inside he made his way down the hall avoiding most of the patrols. Although, his cover almost got blown when he bumped into a robot that scanned for him, but he remained undetected. On his way down through the base he noticed a room with Y-16, where they were constructing a new Robot. This wouldn't have shocked Espio if it weren't the fact that a damaged Metal Sonic was latched unto the wall with cords going through it. He didn't stay long because he had a mission to complete.

"Hmmmm Eggman usually leaves his prisoners deep within base" He remembered

He kept running until he came across a door with the words "ANTI-GRAVITY CONTAINMENT CHAMBER."In his observation, he noticed the air vent entering the room. He took the air-vent thinking it was a better approach to an unknown location then the door. He entered the room and saw the echidna hovering above the ground with blue energy coming out of the ceiling and floor and circled his arms and legs.

Espio entered through the vents and without being seen, he jumped to the side of wall and sat there observing knuckles.

"Vector, come in, over" He said holding his ear

"Vector here, you find anything?"

"Affirmative, knuckles is here. He's in suspension in the lower half of Eggmans' base"

"Great job Espio, now I need you to take a picture him to confirm his capture"


He took a picture of knuckles with his watch he "burrowed" from G.U.N and went back out through vents.

"Espio, I have one more thing for you to do" Vector order "I need you to take a picture of the thing that knocked out Sonic.I want to get a good look at it"

Epsio replied without a word of thought "Roger"

"It'll probably be in the command center with Eggman" He thought

After minutes of running silently he reached the elevator. He walked in opening the maintenance shaft at the ceiling and began to climb by running up the wall. When he reached the command center he went the air vent to enter the room. The room was clear of edges and he couldn't get a good shot from the bars that blocked him so he waited.

Rainbow dash stood next to Eggman bored out of her mind." Hey" she asked "Do you mind if I go exploring? I'm bored to tears here"

"That's find just don't touch or do anything, and stay away from room Y-16. I have some, Uhhhh, experiments in there that are dangerous to biological creatures...Got it?." Eggman warned

"Yeah, yeah don't break anything and stay away from room Y-16 I got it" And she headed to the elevator

"Wonder if this place has a look-out deck" she thought. Coincidentally, there was a observation floor. "Better than nothing I guess" she pressed the button and the elevator started ascending towards the top with Espio on top of the elevator.

The elevator stopped on the designated floor with the whole room full of glass. She trotted on the floor to lookout at the end only to see the storm closing in further.

"Heh some view" she said to herself

"Indeed" the camouflage Ninja replied

"Huh who are yo-"she paused as she turned around to see no one there. "Hello is someone here?"


"Where are you,I can't see you?" she began to look around

"Where I am does not matter. What matters is ,where are you?"

"I'm in Eggmans base"

"I can see that, but where do you stand?"

"uhhhhh I'm standing on the floor"

"No, where do you stand in your soul"

"uhhhhhhh is this a riddle? Cause I hate them"

"This is not a riddle I assure you, but a path to answer a question"

Rainbow facehoofed;The clouds covered the base

"Who are you" He asked

"My name is Rainbow dash, fastest flyer in the world"

"Yes your speed in the air is quite astonishing, might even beat Sonic"

"Yeah, sooner or later I'm going to beat the crap out of him"

"Now why would you do that?"

"Why?! Have you not heard of what he's done?"

"I don't have to hear from anyone because I have seen his actions already and they speak for him"

"So why do you ask why I would beat him? Bad guys like him deserve to be punished"

"So, you believe Sonic is the villain?"

The rain began to hit Eggmans' base

"Of course I do, Eggman told me all about him"

"And you believed him?"

"Why not? he seemed like an awesome guy and besides Sonic tried to do…well…I don't know but he still kidnapped me"

"You really shouldn't believe everything you hear Rainbow"

"Then why should I believe you? Are you saying that Sonic is the good guy and Eggman is the villain?"

The wind caught up

"I'm not to say anything. That is for you to find out on your own"

"Why bother Eggman already said he would take me home after I help him beat beat Sonic"

"And you still think he will keep his word"

"Yeah He's done everything good so far"

"Good? He stole a powerful Emerald from a lost race, capture knuckles, and build weapons of mass destruction"

Rainbows' tone of voice went down and it started to rain harder

"But he needed that power to defeat Sonic, Knuckles tried to steal from Eggman and he needs those weapons to free the people from Sonic"


Lightning struck following that sentence


Rainbow was so confused,could this voice really be telling the truth?

"Yes, you don't know you must center your mind to find the truth"

There was the only sound of the rain that came into that room

"Now the Ms.Rainbow I must ask…Where are you?...where do you stand in the storm."

She bowed her head

"If you wish to know more about what is happening, seek someone by the name of Shadow, he will tell you.but no willingly"

The rain continued as Rainbow Dash was in Deep thought

"Now I must leave"

Her head shot up

"Leave!? WAIT!"

But there was no reply, only Rainbow Dash alone in the storm.
It's been a while i know but i with Christmas and everything i was busy as hell

btw Please leave a comment on how you thought on this one, I would appreciate what you thought on the Storm scene

Preview by the great :iconniban-destikim:
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ProtecttheDeviants Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013
It's getting more AWSOME by every word thats said.
xgamerx01 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks ^^;. This is my first story
ProtecttheDeviants Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013
My actual account: :iconjusticeskulltag:
(I only use this account for veiwing 18+ stuff)
stargazerdragon Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013
Shadow is going to tell her the truth. Like chaos controling to the past. Or telling her all about sonic.
xgamerx01 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
well with Shadow...You never know,hell he might try and kill her
stargazerdragon Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013
Yeah...Cause hes the ultimate life form
Gunflame345 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
So I jusy power read your story from chapter one to 11. I like to see how others do mlp/sonic cross overs so I gave yours a look over.

So I love the character interactions, and you got an awesome story going that.

However I will be honest it isn't an enjoyable read which is a she because I think it would be an enjoyable story but typos and grammer mistakes are shooting you in the foot.

I'm not trying to tear you down because I have my share of grammer problems and when I re-read posted chapters I kick myself over and over.

I would suggest writing your story as you have been doing, run through a spelling and grammer checker. I would suggest microsoft word) then most importantly re-read your story slowly sentence by sentence. Make sure your saying what you really want to say.

I literally spend 3-4hours just re-reading and I shake my head at how badly I typed it the first time or realize that I left out words or make small changes that really improve the story.

And add periods.

Other than that keep writing, I've added you to my watchlist and can't wait for chapter 12!
xgamerx01 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
As you can see I have a friend proofreading it for me ^^;

Grammar is beating my feet and not letting me stand back up no matter how many times I try

Well I'm glad you enjoyed it none the less :D
Gunflame345 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
Soniclink is awesome like that!

Don't get discouraged by whst I said I was justoffering suggestions that reallly help me.
xgamerx01 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
of course, it was fair criticizem
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