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Amy could not take it in, "what do you mean she can fly as fast as sonic?!" Amy demanded

"I mean she can outrun, or fly sonic, if he underestimates her, which he will" tails replied to the confused hedgehog"

"b-but nothing can catch up to mister sonic tails, how can she?" cream said still shock at what happen

"I don't know but we need to get to the x-tornado and catch up to them" tails said grabbing his things

"Ok what we are waiting for" Amy said "we'll take my car"

The trio loaded in Amys' car "hold on" she said as she put the car in drive

"W-WAIT" tails said putting his seatbelt on

And they were off

Sonic was hot on her tail "THERE'S NO POINT TRYING TO GET AWAY FROM ME" sonic yelled, the two were racing through station square dodging obstacles in their way. Of course it was harder on sonic being earth bonded, dodging cars and the pedestrians going about their daily business but that wasn't the hard part; the hard part was keeping an eye on the Pegasus. it was flying in different ways: up, down, left, right, spinning, and doing flips as it tried to get away from her pursuer. It was almost like it was showing off.

"AND WHY IS THAT? HUH? THINK YOU CAN KEEP UP WITH ME" the Pegasus said with a prideful tone

"NO I DON'T…I KNOW I CAN" the sonic said with a competitive smile

Sonic chased her throughout the city, the Pegasus flew high and low trying to shake sonic but it was not successful for sonic didn't let her out of his sights.

"Man, why won't this guy give up" she thought. She was getting frustrated "hmmm oh I know, wonder if this place this a two-way cave"

She then spotted a subway entrance that people were going in and out

"Well…better than nothing I guess"

She flew straight down into the entrance knocking over some unlucky people

"What is it doing now?!" Sonic said while wall-jumping through buildings. He spotted her dive straight down into a subway entrance."oh great, just what I needed…an unknown creature in a populated area" sonic said while losing his smile "I have to stop it from doing any damage" he then dived straight after her dodging the people who were standing or knocked over

They were now in a subway tunnel, it was dark with lights separated at different spots on the ceiling as they raced on

"Where is she going "sonic whispered to himself

There was a bright light coming down the tunnel

"Oh thank Celestia this cave, like, thing has an end, time to lose this guy" the Pegasus thought

"uh, oh looks like we're about catch a train" sonic thought as he side-stepped to the other train lain

As the pegesus got closer she head the train and realized that it wasn't the way out

"BUCK!!!!!!" she screamed dodging the train and still keeping her speed

"daaaang she can move" sonic thought

He was impressed how quickly she dodged it. Going toward something you don't know and then having the reflexes to dodge without losing something was enough to grab the attention of the blue hedgehog.

Finally they reached a train stop where the pegasus bolted out with sonic barely keeping an eye on her

"Oh no you don't" sonic said struggling to catch up

When the pegasus came out she went straight up in the air passing several bystanders, and hiding behind a bunch of clouds when sonic got out he started searching everywhere

"Hey, did anybody see a rainbow horse past by here" but they all shook their heads

"dangit where did sh-"


"AHHHHHHHHH" sonic cried in pain

A lightning bolt struck sonic and knocked him out

"HA that's what you get for messing with me" the pegasus said with a laugh and then disappeared in to the sky


"AMY SLOW DOWN" tails said holding on for his life

Cream was sitting in the back seat calm as can be, while tails was scared to death because he was not used to amys' reckless driving

"We can't tails, sonic's in trouble and we have to help him" amy said driving like a maniac,

"uh oh boy I need some music to calm me down" tails said with a weak voice

He turned on the radio but the news was on

"-yes I agree with you, the president has declared lower taxes at the end of the year in other news…wait what? We now to live audio from our report Jonah Hawkins, Jonah…

"Thank you tom, I'm in the company helicopter looking down a Station Square where two creatures seem to be chasing each other though out the city" the reporter said

"Really? Could one of these creature be are beloved hero sonic?" the other one asked

"It's a strong possibility, but the question is which one is it? Both of these creature seem to have incredible  speed so it's hard to tell…wait…I'm getting something. Oh it appears one of them is flying and it also looks like it's trying to escape the one chasing it…"

"We have to hurry" amy said as she floored it again. No one paid attention to the radio after she hit top speed

They finally reached the site where the x-tornado was kept

She "parked" her car and help cream out

Tails could not move, he was frozen in the seat

"Come on tails we have to hurry" amy instructed

"Hold on…need to…oh boy" tails raced off behind the closest building

"Ok…ok I'm good, lets ok"

The three raced down toward the hanger that housed the x-tornado

"its hanger number 14 right?" amy said trying to remember where the hanger was

"uhh, yeah, that's it" tails said opening the hanger doors

As the hanger doors opened up, the sun beamed though the clouds and shined on the x-tornado reflecting its astonishing work made by tails

"i never get tired of that" tails said with a smile

The three loaded in and tails initiated the start-up sequence

"Power level-maximum, engines start up, passengers secured, GO x-tornado launch " tails screamed

And with a blink of an eye the jet was off

Seconds later

They were searching all over Station Square but with little success  

"Hey tails, let's turn on the radio, the news probably know where sonic is" amy suggested

"Good idea amy" tail replied flipping a switch

"- this chase as caused panic in the sub-way with sonic and the horse speeding down the sup-way tunnel"

"Looks like the figured out what it was"tails talked to himself [and why are they in the sup-way] tails added in his mind

"Oh, it appears that the horse has flown out through the entrance on Journo Street and flew straight up at the sky-"

"HURRY UP TAILS" amy screamed into the mic  "SHE'S GONNA GET AWAY"

"I can't go any faster I don't have a chaos emerald

"it appears  sonic has just made it out and is searching for the horse, why is he doing this, is this creature dangerous? Could be one of eggmans robots? what is going on


Tails notice a lightning bolt hit the part of the city sonic was in and could hear it though the radio



Cream sat in the back not knowing what is going on

Tails still in shocked replied "we're here… x-tornado battle mode engage"

The plane transformed into a battle walker and landed in the middle of the street where sonic was

"SONIC!" amy yelled as she jumped out

Sonic was on the sidewalk smoking because the lightning bolt that hit him dealt a critical blow

"Oh man did someone call for help" tails said to the sounding bystanders

"I did the cops and the ambulances are on their way" a random person said

"Get back I'm a doctor" a random man said as he went over to sonic

The doctor got down and started to treat sonic

"Oh, man is he alright"tails said

"He's breathing at least, but we have to wait until real help arrives"

The cops and the medics arrived within 20 min

"It's ok we get him" the medic said

Amy hopped in the back of the ambulances while tails was explaining the situation to the cops

"heh I sure showed him not to mess with the greatest flying in the world" the Pegasus said while landing in the forest

"Speaking of which what world is this…this doesn't look like ponyville…or equestria for that matter"

She started walking down the forest but nothing looked familiar

She let out a sigh

"man wait till i tell the girls back home what I did" the pegeasus thought while letting out a chuckle

"HO HO HO" laughed a mysterious voice though the deep woods

"huh, what ,who's there, come on out so can see you" the Pegasus replied

"That was some performance you made out there"

"huh? Oh that yeah, that's what he gets for kidnapping me, what do you want? "

"Don't worry I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to talk"

"Ok, what do you need?"

"Well I should start at the beginning.*eck hem* I came to this world to help it for you see it is-

"Skip to the chase I haven't got all day" she said as she crossed her hooves

"Well…I'm starting to like you already, well in simpler terms, this world is in trouble and I could use your help"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I need a hero to fight with me against the evil that is ,sonic the hedgehog, …you are a hero right?"

"heh I'm the best hero out there and the fastest thing alive" she said striking a pose

"The fastest thing alive…well then you are the answer I've been waiting for a long, long time"

"Now wait who are you and how can I trust you?"

"I'm not attacking you and strapping you down to run experiments on you now am I"

"Good point, but I'm not from here…hmmmm, hey you wouldn't know how to get to ponyville

"ponyville? I can't say I'm familiar with that place, but how about we make a deal. You help me reach my goal and I use my power to send you back home

"Well…I don't know"

She then had a flashback, images were flying though her mind about her home and it was in some sort of trouble

"Ok…deal" she said narrowing her eyes

"Splendid" the voice said with excitement

"Now if we are going to work together can you at least come out so I can see you"

"of course"

The figure walked out of the woods

It was a big round man with high up legs and a mustache wearing black pants and a red lab-coat like shirt.

"Allow me to introduce myself, I am Doctor Eggman" he said with his hand at his chest

"Ki-ki-BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA EGGMAN that's hilarious, what are you? An egghead but you read books so much that you are called egg-MAN hahahahahahaha" the pegasus said rolling in the grass

Eggman did a face palm followed up with an evil grin "but maybe this is a good thing, if she is alike sonic then I could use her to get rid of him once and for all"

"Yes, I know my name is funny, but we must return to my base so we can become more acquainted"

"Hahaha…ha.. Yea sorry it's just so funny" she said picking herself up "alright what are we waiting for"

Eggman hit a button on his remote summing his trusted eggmobile

"Well, shall we be off" eggman said while climbing into his mobile flying vehicle

"awwwww yea teaming up with a mad scientist…sorry" she said scratching the back of her mane

"Oh don't worry about it…I'm not mad at all" he said straitening his glasses

They were off

"Hey mind if I ask you a question" eggman said to the smooth sailing pegasus

"Shoot" she replied

"What's your name"

"My name is rainbow…RAINBOW DASH"
sorry for the long wait... but its here now and i hope you like it

if you have any thoughts on how it could be improve or suggested feel free to speak your peace...please

Preview by the great :iconniban-destikim:
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Mewfan09 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2015
Sonic is FASTER
ProtecttheDeviants Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013
xgamerx01 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yup...she's fucked
Arizonastar Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012
Ok really good. And you twisted the story. Ha I love it. But you do have to rember proper grammar and capitlasstion.
xgamerx01 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
thats going to kill me right there
Soniclink137 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012
Hmm...this looks interesting. I like what you're doing but here is a few things to help you.

First off, always remember to capitalize names. I don't know what you use to type these things, but most Sonic character's names will not automatically capitalize so you need to capitalize them yourself. This would look a lot better with the names capitalized.

Second: I don't know how you like to do things but most stories I see on dA italicize thoughts from the characters. It makes it easier to differentiate thoughts from the actual text. If you don't know how to I could teach you, but only if you want me to.

Finally: I would always suggest making sure that you put punctuation at the end of a sentence even if you are making a new paragraph. It just looks better.

All in all I see potential. You are good at explaining what's happening and do well with your points. And I know you will get better as you continue making this.
xgamerx01 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
thank you so munch

1: alright i will do that

2: i do as well and i it looks better but i do not know how could you teach me

3: uhhh what do you mean what punctuation

thanks for commenting it lets me know people actually read it

ps i use Microsoft word
Soniclink137 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012
Ok here is how you italicize while submiting stuff. You need to put an i between <> to start the italicize. Then when you want to end the italicized part you type in /i between the <>. So it will look sort of like this < i > only with the <> right next to the i. Ending it is the some prosses with < /i > with the <> closser to the /i. Then you will get this...hopefully.

As for punctuation, lets look at one of the sentences: "Hey mind if I ask you a question" eggman said to the smooth sailing pegasus. Because Eggman was asking a question you should put a question mark right before the second parentheses and put a preiod at the end. So it would look like this: "Hey mind if I ask you a question?" Eggman said to the smooth sailing pegasus.
xgamerx01 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
like this and like this ?

sorry about that i made another careless mistake and pressed "add comment" sorry bout that
xgamerx01 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
oh punctuation yeah sorry i'm terrible at making careless mistakes i'll be sure to pay close attention
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