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"Ok, so let me get this straight" Knuckles started "Sonic found a horse with wings, what'd you call?, Pegasus, in the middle of the forest. He picked it up and brought back here to help it, but when it woke up, it attacked Sonic and rushed out of the door. When Sonic finally caught up to it; it shot lighting at him and took off into the forest, where Sonic found it the first time."

"That sounds about right, and I've been here trying to track it down for hours but with little luck" The disappointed fox said bowing his head

"Hmmmm maybe if Sonic would have stayed back he wouldn't be in the hospital right now, but, you know what I say? I say it serves him right for rushing ahead like that and letting his pride get in his way. I just wish I could have been there to see his face when he got shocked"

Knuckles started to smile

"Well I guess I should start looking as well. Sonic may be annoying but he's still a powerful ally"

"Thanks Knuckles… I'm sure we'll find her" Tails said gaining his smile back

"hmm maybe that bat could tell me something, nothing big happens that she isn't aware of"

Knuckles started out upstairs

"Oh almost forgot" Knuckles threw something at Tails "I have no idea what that is but it was reacting to the Master Emerald.maybe you can find out what it is. I'll see you later"

The fox held in his hand; a golden necklace that had an orange colored apple crystal in the center


"Hahahahahaha is that the best you got? No wonder you're not a Wonder Bolt yet" Discord taunted

"grrrrr, SHUT UP" Rainbow demanded. She rammed into Discords' stomach with a powerful head-butt sending him back a few feet

" OOOFFF. Oh come, on you can do better than that."  He chuckled

Rainbow dash charged at him again with another head-butt but as soon as she got close he teleported behind her and summoned a giant golf club.  "FORE" He said as he got in a golfers pose and smacked her away sending her a few miles. While she was flying through the air spinning the blue mare did not feel the pain that Discord had intended too inflict. She was too enraged to notice this and started charging at him again.

This happened over and over, her charging at Discord and him just knocking her back with little effort.

"Oh please, you can't hope to defeat me by yourself my little pony. After all I am Discord, spirit of chaos and disharmony, and you're Rainbow Dash, the flight school drop with a bigger head then Sonic the freaken Hedgehog"

*Back at the lab*

"Wait did that creature just mention Sonic?!" Eggman said leading against his monitor

"uhh doctor" Said Bocoe "we have a problem"


*In the virtual reality*

"Wait…how do you know Sonic? Discord"

"I don't…I know him because you know him, hahahaha, and I also know that this fight isn't even real"


"Yeah…you see I'm just what you think of me Rainbow Dash. Everything you know about me is standing right in front of you." Discord could tell she wasn't getting it. "Alright you know what that little thing was at the top of the room? That was what you buddy Eggman called, The Dream Seeker. It goes through your memories and makes a dream of whatever creature you fought before and makes you fight it again."

Rainbow dash stopped glowing and descended to the ground. She started to think

"…if what you said is true, why are you telling me this? …in fact HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS, IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!" she started rubbing her head from the headache she got for thinking too much

"My dear Rainbow…what's the fun in making sense?"

With that being said, Rainbow dash was surrounded by the blinding light like from the first time she got there

"ARH, not again"


Rainbow opened her eyes to see she was back in the lab. She looked up to what she thought was the Dream seeker, to see it on fire

"huh wha-"

"Rainbow Dash you're alright,good. Quick, get the medics down there, hang in their Rainbow"

Without another word the Rainbowed mane Pegasus fainted

2 hours later


Rainbow Dash was lying in the infirmly, passed out

"Hmmmm" Eggman hummed to himself "What's the damage?"

"She has suffered from a massive amount of energy withdraw from her body and her brain has entered the body in a state of recovery"

"Will she be ok?"

"She should be ok after some sleep"

"Good, I suppose I should sleep too"

"Very well Doctor"

He left the medical wing and started to go to his bedroom which was located on the other side of his base

He exited the elevator and was a few rooms short of it when he heard a familiar voice from behind.

"Well that could have gone better" Said a Female bat

"Ah Rouge how nice of you to drop by…what do you want?"

"Why would I want anything? Can't I have just come by to see my favorite mad scientist?"

Eggman gave her a blank stare

"As always, you're no fun, but yes I do want to know something…I want to know about that 'mare' you have in your Medical bed"

Eggman continued to stare blankly

"And why would you want to know that? I don't see how knowing anything about her could benefit you in anyway"

"I have my reason, so how 'bout we just cut to the chase; tell me what you know or I'll just find out for myself"

"Rouge you may by a sly one but you aren't going to get anything from me"

"Is that so?"

"Yes it is. Now I suggest you leave before my security shows you the door"

"hm fine"

Rouge crossed her arms and started back up through the opening in the ceiling that she came through

As Eggman stared up at the thieving bat he got out his walkie-talkie

"Metal I have a mission for you: Do not let Rouge the Bat get to Rainbow Dash understood?"

In a dark room, power surged into the body of a blue robot "Yes Doctor" The robot respond  activating his Red eyes in the darkness around him

On the other side of the Channel, Rouge heard every word

"He's calling in Metal Sonic? Whatever the thing is it must be pretty important to him…" Rouge was a tricky one but she dare not risk that fact of going toe-to-toe with Metal Sonic "Well a girl knows when to back off. You win this round Eggman, but next time I'm bringing in the big guns."

Rouge exited the mountain side and headed back into the city

As she flew through the night she started to wonder what was so special about the "mare". She only arrived a short time after Eggman started to freak out over the Pegasus losing her mind. During all the chaos  she took it upon herself to do a little tinkering, and by tinkering I mean steal the chaos emerald while it was feeding into the Dream Seeker.

The sleeping doctor shot his eyes opened "That little bit-"

Rouge held the chaos emerald up to her face. Like candy from a baby. She always enjoyed jewels but nothing came close to the beauty that surrounded the shinning treasure.

She arrived out-side the city when she was greeted by a flying bolder.

"HEY YOU THIEFING BAT" Knuckles, after searching all night, had found her

"Well Knuckles running into me? Well that's a first, time to see what this wanna-be treasure hunter needs"

She descended to his eye level and got a safe distance from him for she knows not to get to close.

"Hey there slugger what'd need" Rouge teased Knuckles ever chance she got, being detected by him was no objection .

"Grrrr, I need to know what you know about a winged horse" Knuckles demanded. Rouge filched when she heard those words and started to give a glare. was he talking about her assignment?

"A winged horse eh? And what makes you think I would know anything about a little girl's fantasy pet."

"Don't play innocent with me you snake, you of all people should have heard that, that "thing" defeated Sonic and put him in the hospital"

"WHAT?!" Rouge lost her concentration and fell to the ground, on her feet of course. Her mission was to capture that creature with intentions that HQ left out during her briefing and now… it all started to make since to her

"So that's why G.U.N. wanted me to capture her" she thought

"What happen?"

"You don't know?" Knuckles bit his lip "Well I haven't heard much other than the fact that it can fly and control lightning that shocked Sonic unconscious."

"Really now? This is starting to get interesting. And where were you, his best bud, at when this all happen" Rouge teased


"geez sorry for asking"


"Oh I might know something about it…but my services aren't for free"

Knuckles neglected the fact that she was a greedy bat

"I could fight her and get the information out that way… but of what Tails told me, I'm going to need all my strength to face it" he questioned it in his mind

"Ok what's it going to take" He said with a regret full tone

"Ooohh going the diplomatic way are we, well it just so happens that I need to get that creature too. The only problem is that I need more firepower"

Knuckles started to get worry

"Why do you need to get it?" He questioned

"I have my own intentions, but it's a win-win. You get to avenge Sonic and I get to capture it"

Rouge working with G.U.N. was no mystery to the Echidna and with it attacking Sonic he knew that they would like to get their hands on it.

"One more question though, why do you need me?"

"Because she's with our favorite doctor"

"IT'S WORKING FOR EGGMAN?!" Knuckles was mad now.

"Now let's not jump to conclusion knuckle-head, she may or may not. That's why G.U.N.  needs me to capture her and bring her back"

Knuckles thought it over in a second; he wasn't much of a strategist but he did realized that if he done this, he could out-best Sonic.

"Alright Rouge you got a deal. You lead me to it and I'll help you capture it."

Rouge was glad that knuckles decided to side with her "This is going to be fun if  especially if I get to work with you…partner."

That made Knuckles blush redder than he already was.

"IT'S A TRUCE NOT A PARDNERSHIP." he said the bat flying away

"Whatever you want to call, it but you better keep up"


After many hours of hiking, they had arrived at Eggmans mountain base. Rouge was able to find that back door to the center of the mountains. She guessed it was Eggmans' escape plan when Sonic showed up and start climbing. After traveling up the escape tunnel they encountered the trap door that he would use to escape certain capture.

"Stand back…I got this" Knuckles said cracking his knuckles

"Of course you do and so will the entire base" Rouge protested "here"

She flew up beside the door to a control panel and started to press the buttons that lay on it. Within seconds the door opened up to Eggmans control room

"Shall we?" Rouge said with a smirk

"pfft show-off"

The treasure hunters enter the control room to find it deserted with the room completely black, leaving the only light source to come from the moon. They headed left out of the control and down the hall towards the elevator. They both wanted a getin-getout plan to work and it was working for the most part because they reach the elevator without any trouble. Rouge press the button to the medical wing and the elevator took off towards that direction.

"Something's not right" Knuckles said "We haven't encountered any patrol and not a single trap as been sighted. Either we a very lucky or Eggman forgot to activate his security which is highly unlikely"

Rouge kept silence because she knew what was ahead an didn't want knuckles to back out from fear.

Within minutes the elevator stopped and opened the door with a robotic voice saying "Medical Wing." They both started out rushing towards the room with Rainbow dash when Knuckles stopped Rouge a few rooms down their objective

"Ok what's the big idea?" he whispered. He turned his back on the other end of the hall and was face-to face with the bat "You said you needed more fire-power and yet we haven't encounter a single problem. What's your game Rouge"

"I'm just a surprised as you Knuckle-head" she lied


Rouge gave him the 'oh we have a badass over here look. They heard the sound of movement down the hall. Knuckles went to check on it. As he got closer he looked back to see Rouge was gone

"huh? ROUGE!" He ran back to see where she went when a robot figured like his friend, Sonic, popped out of the ground and punched him down a few feet

Knuckles rubbed his head he stared at the monstrous Metal Sonic. Metal sonic was the creation of Dr. Eggman in hoping to make it superior to Sonic in every way, but this time it was fighting Knuckles

"Metal Sonic? I'm going to kill that bat"

"TARGET CONFIRMED" Metal Sonic said activating his weapons
After struggly through school and band i finally got this done

if you have any ideas or comments feel free to speak your peace

Preview by the great :iconniban-destikim:
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