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October 25, 2012
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Knuckles grabbed one the Medicals Rooms' bed and deployed it as cover as Metal Sonic fired a barrage of bullets at him  "You think hiding will stop me?" he said as he readied rocket in his other hand "DIE"

The rocket flew through the hallway and Exploded on Knuckles' cover, knocking him off his feet.

"GrrrrrAHHHHH, YOU WANT A PEACE OF ME" He taunted as he got up and charged at Metal Sonic, but ,without a trouble, Metal avoided Knuckles and Back-handed him to the ground

"Pathetic" Metal insulted about to shoot him in the back of his head "Next time know your place you worthless peace of matter"

"pathetic?…PATHETIC?! I'LL SHOW YOU HOW PATHETIC I AM" Knuckles grabbed Metal Sonics' leg, stood up and slammed him into the ground so far he went down several stories. He stopped at the Robot Repair center ending up in a crater in the center of the room. Trying to pull itself together Knuckles dropped on him and grabbed him again, punched him a couple of times in the face and then threw him into the Rooms' energy supplier. Little did Knuckles know, however, that machine is what supplies the damaged Robots with additional power.

"Now how Pathetic am I, you rusted tin can"

"Very" Metal opened his power supply and absorbed the Energy that he was standing in the middle of. With a couple of lightning sounds, Metal Sonic was over-charged; He started to glow as he readied both his hands that had turned into chain-guns

"oh…" Knuckles lost his smirk

"Any last words?"

Knuckles started to panic as he searched of something he could do but there was nothing he could do, being how he was in an open room with little cover

"I have a couple…Never turn your back on a spy" a Female voiced echoed

"huh?" but before he could turn around a Bat planted a sapper on Metal Sonic disabling him for a short bit followed by her stabbing him in the back shutting him down

"Whoa…"Knuckles said, annoyed that Rouge had to save him but also thankful that today wasn't the end of him

"Did you miss me?" Rouge said flying over to him


"If I told you Metal Sonic was my problem, you wouldn't have so kindly volunteered" She crossed her arms "but look on the bright side knucklehead; "you" took down one of Sonics' most powerful enemies"

"Whatever lets' just get the horse and get out of here"

"Agreed, the sooner we get out of here the better"

As they started to go back to the place where Knuckles threw Metal Sonic through the floor they heard a familiar laugh

"OH OH OH OH, well it seems that these little love birds decided to drop on by" Eggman taunted on his Eggmobile


"hrm well I never" Rouge inserted

"Oh Knuckles, Knuckles, you're too easy it's no wonder how I convince you every time just by saying Sonic is evil, ahhhh. And what have you done to poor Metal over there. His parts don't come cheap you know"

"You'll have plenty of time rebuilding him after I'm done beaten the living crap out of you" Knuckles started cracking his Knuckles

"Ah you see you people still show no mercy from an old man like me"

"PEOPLE LIKE YOU DESERVER NO MERCY" Knuckles leaped up with his fist ready to paunch Eggman but was knocked out of the sky

"arhh what the"

"Ha too slow"

What stood before the red echidna was the rainbow mane pegasus "Rainbow Dash"

"See Rainbow, look. How he would hurt an unarmed man. Please help me and get him out of here" Eggman lied

"No problem Dr. I'll have him out of here in ten seconds flat" Rainbow flew up and gave knuckles an uppercut with her hoof and followed up with slamming him through the wall

"GUN was right, she is fast" Rouge thought

"And as for you missy, I told you that if you came back here I would have my security show you the door." Eggman held down his communicator devise "Computer, activate the Egg-fortress Defense protocol." Alarm sirens started coming off thoughout the base

"He had his base defense off-line the whole time?" Rouge started to reach for side-arm pistol "Clever"

Four giant robots stood in front of her: they were walkers with two legs, dual machine guns for arms, an Auto-turret on the for-head, and missile launchers on their shoulders.

"Well this will be interesting" She lied. She quickly flew up where knuckles had made a hole in the base with the robots opening fire on her

"AFTER HER!" Eggman order

Rouge started flying back to the elevator with two Walkers appeared in her path. They opened fired but she made a sharp right turn down another hall, barley escaping them. She tried to look for the hanger being how she could disappear in the night sky, but the fighter jets could out-fly her with no trouble if they spotted her. It took some time and evading but she finally found the hanger. She spotted the nearest turret manned by one of Eggmans' robots and got a headshot of it and targeted the lights before the other turrets started firing. One by one the lights went out, darkening the hanger. With the lights out, she made her escape out of one the launch pads and disappeared into the night. Without anything noticing her.

"Heh…heh..heh…I…will never…complain about Shadow being exhausted…again." "Wonder if that Knuckle-head made it out. He's a tough little echidna he'll be ok .I need to give my full report to GUN A.S.A.P."

"She got away Doctor" one of Eggmans minions reported

"What?! How could you let her escape?" Eggman said annoyed

"Sorry Doctor but she disabled the lights"

"Don't give me excuses, GIVE ME RESULTS!"

With him saying that, Knuckles fell in front of him, beat-up and knocked out.

"Doctor…you there sir"

He turned off his mic

"This guy put up a good fight but was no match for me" Rainbow dash said flying in after him

"Rainbow…you look like he didn't even touch you" Eggman said while ordering his robots to retrieve the defeated Knuckles

"Hah, this slow poke? He couldn't even get near me. He even tried throwing some of your robots at me but I dodge them no problem and introduced him to my hoof"

"This is amazing, not only did you defeat him without a scratch, but you achieved this with you being at half your strength and with little sleep"

After the incident with the Dream Seeker Rainbow dash was still weak and worn out. She woke up after Knuckles bashed Metal Sonic through Eggmans' base

"Yep, cause when there is trouble around Rainbow Dash doesn't mess around" She boasted but the adrenaline wore out and she fell head-first on the floor, asleep

"Yes, get some rest Rainbow Dash, I have big plans for you…very very big plans" Eggman said staring at Metal Sonic
I was planning on finishing this next week but people have been asking for the newest one so here it is. Hope you enjoy

Preview by the great :iconniban-destikim:
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Well I duuno if knux has great endurance I think he cant withdtand a combo for too much hits
Damn typo error I hate you phone I hate you...Oh yeah btw I think you should also just copy the words here then paste it on its the easist way I think...
Well, bout time I see a new chapter. Your corrections for today are:

He taunted as he got up and charged at Metal Sonic, but ,without a trouble, Metal avoided Knuckles and Back-handed him to the ground Move the comma from without and next to but.

Knuckles started cracking his Knuckles De-capitalize the second knuckles

Rainbow flew up and gave knuckles an uppercut with her hoof and followed up with slamming him through the wall Capitalize Knuckles

She quickly flew up where knuckles had made a hole in the base with the robots opening fire on her Capitalize Knuckles

He's a tough little echidna he'll be ok .I need to give my full report to GUN A.S.A.P." Take the period away from I and put it next to ok.

Rainbow dash said flying in after him Capitalize Dash
i think knuckels lost too easy im sure he would at least get one hit on rainbow
xgamerx01 Oct 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Well as seen from other attempts on Sonic he couldn't even touch him either.

Rainbow dash has super speed while flying so to me it wouldn't be surprising if Knuckles couldn't hit her being that he is Earth-bounded.
sonic is actually a little faster then Rainbow Dash and Dashie was in a weaken state so even having the being able to fly while Knuckles is earth-bounded would make Knuckles get a hit on her.
xgamerx01 Oct 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Actually i believe Rainbow Dash slightly faster than Sonic.BUT Sonic has more experience then her so he would win on a one-on-one
actually sonic is a little faster and sonic dose have more experience so he would win in a fight were both are truly fighting
xgamerx01 Oct 30, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I ain't getting in a flame war...
I am trying to make sure you got your facts right to tell the truth I like dashie a lot more but I like keeping to facts and not just say fan lies
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